Poetry Friday Dance Party Here

I am in a quandary.

Since today (Oct 20th) is my birthday (57th trip around the sun), I wanted to have a dance party.

But at the same time many, many people in the world are suffering. (too many!)

I've been trying to figure out how to reconcile my aching heart as I read the news with my happy heart when I dance or write poetry or run. 

I've decided to lean hard into the happy because right now the world needs happy. We don't know what tomorrow will bring, so I believe we need to do everything in our power to put happy into the world today.

1. Happy Dance

Here is a dance video from my hubs, Joe and my brand new YouTube channel "Not Dead Yet Dancing"

We will post a #short dance video frequently. (Have I mentioned that Joe is a ๐Ÿ’gift everyday of the year? And those moves!๐Ÿ”ฅ)

Smidgey is our audience of one...unless you subscribe. ๐Ÿ˜


2. Happy Nap

Speaking of Smidgey, she's not dead yet either.

But she is getting old. Really old.

This December we will have had her for 14 years. When we picked her up from the Humane Society in Wisconsin they told us she was 2 years old. (I think because we said, "no puppies" on the form.) 

There was no way she was 2, but the vet said that she had had a litter of puppies right before she was found wandering in a snowy field. By our calculations she's somewhere between 14.5 and16 years old.

In any case, our sweet girl is showing signs of her age. A few weeks ago she couldn't get up or down the stairs in our building and she stopped eating. We thought the end was here.

Then a few days later, she rebounded! ๐Ÿถ

This past weekend she was feeling good enough to travel to Locarno where I had my 5K race. One of her naps in her favorite roll-y bed inspired this Camera Roll 23 poem:

3. Happy Run

Speaking of my 5K, thank you for the well wishes. I'm happy to report that I ran 2 minutes and 47 seconds faster than the 5K I ran in June! 

I was still in the last batch of runners, mind you, but I'm improving my personal best. ๐Ÿƒ



to finish!
Now it's YOUR turn.

Link below to your happy.

Or your heartfelt.

Or your pain.

We are here to lift each other up so we can dance, write or run another day and put happy into the world.

I've got a birthday gift for you! 
From today (Oct 20) through Sunday (Oct 22nd) the Kindle version of Antonio the Meatball is only 99 cents on Amazon
Bon Appetite!


  1. Happy Birthday!!! I'm here for the dance party! You are right -- we need all the happy we can get. Subscribed to your new YouTube channel and enjoyed the video (so fun). Who choreographed those moves? Pretty slick. Also relieved that Smidgey has rallied (your poem is perfect and poignant). And congrats on your 5K run time. Pretty soon you'll be running so fast none us will be able to catch you. . . Anyway, thanks for hosting this week. It's going to be a meatball weekend. :D

  2. I luuuurve your happy dance! Made me smile. Your both look like you're having a blast. I also adore how your dog watches with complete focus on you. Happy birthday ๐ŸŽ‚ and congratulations on your 5K time! It's wonderful to find and share joy at a time like this.

  3. Happy Birthday! I hope this is the very best year ever!

  4. Happiest of Birthday Wishes to you Bridget–and thanks for leaning into Happy and sharing that with us! Many congrats on your run, I love your dance–wow, terrific, and your dear Smidgey poem–"the precious balance that is life," so true, glad to hear she's rallying on, thanks for all!

  5. Thank you, Bridget, for striking a welcoming tone over here in the midst of the horror and madness we're all trying to process - while praying for those living through it.
    And, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Those dance moves are perfect for sharing joy. And maybe embarrassing kids? (Like Tracey, I enjoyed watching Smidgey watching you! Here's to some more partying for that sweet pup.)
    Congrats on the new channel (subscribed) and the 5k accomplishments! Woo-Hooo!

  6. I agree Bridget - the world does indeed need happy, and your post offers that. In return, I offer you birthday greetings, and thanks for hosting. By chance, I posted about birthdays this week, in honour of a friend - but hope you'll feel the love too :)

  7. Your celebration of things happy is most appropriate given its your birthday, Bridget. Best wishes- may the happy feeling be in abundant supply! It is sometihng of an antedote for my writing focus this week. The world is like that though... Thank you for hosting.

  8. I agree, the world needs happy right now. Happy Birthday, Bridget!

  9. Happy trip around the sun! A sombre thought, juxtaposing your longevity with your puppy's 'precarious' life. Here's wishing you both well.

  10. Hi Bridget, Happy Birthday! We 'almost' share, as mine was last Thursday, the 12th. I love the dancing, and Smidgey's adoration, responding back to you. He must have sneaked a peek also at your loving poem, sweetest words! Congrats on the running time improvement & thanks for hosting!

  11. Happy birthday! I have some cheerful birds today and Bridget, I am with you all the way. Feeling the weight of all that's going on and trying to stay above it. https://thereisnosuchthingasagodforsakentown.blogspot.com/2023/10/birdtober-day-twenty-pine-grosbeak.html

  12. Happy Birthday, Bridget, and thanks for sharing your joy. Love those dance moves! Your poem is so sweet with its juxtaposition of life and death. We lost our dog this past summer, so I know first-hand the joy and pain you are feeling. Have a great year and keep dancing!

  13. Happy birthday! And you should celebrate! My heart is breaking for the world right now, but we must also celebrate the joy where we can find it.

  14. Happy Birthday, congrats on bettering your time in the run, keep celebrating your pup for as long as she stays with you, and BOOGIE DOWN! Thanks for hosting and bringing some happy into this dark time.

  15. Happy birthday, Bridget! I shared a quote from Pรกdraig ร“ Tuama on Instagram, which was: "Poetry doesn’t say we have to choose between happiness and sadness, between grief and relief, between catharsis and solitude. Poetry knows that there can always be more than one thing happening at a time.” Thanks for hosting!

  16. Happy Birthday. Thanks for such a happy post. We can all use a dose of happy these days.

  17. Happy 57! Thank you for the cheer today, and congrats on completing the run. Yay!

  18. Happy happy birthday! Smidgey is a fabulous audience, and I loved watching your dance. Thank you for the gift of a reminder of the preciousness of life. May this year ahead bring you more runs and more love and moves... xo, a.

  19. Birthday wishes Bridget! I share your heartfelt anxieties r how to hold the tension of joy and the suffering we know the world is experiencing. Wish I had an answer. I think this is where prayer has to take over.

  20. Such a happy post, Bridget, but melancholy too, as I consider how short life is, dog or human. Glad your race went well and your dance video made me smile. We have to continue to do what we love. It's a beautiful day here in Syracuse and I'm going outside!

  21. Well, Bridget, it is a happy birthday to you. I like how you noted how many times you have been around the sun. My get wells to sweet Smidgey. I do miss his antics but resting is probably his best bet right now. Thank you for noting that the world needs happiness now. There is so much upheaval that the news is filled with sorrow so a happy dance makes for smiles. Thank you for hosting.

  22. Bridget, lovely post! The poem about Smidgey is precious and a sweet and true metaphor for life. I pray his final times are joyful. Happy birthday to you, and thank you for the birthday gift. I just bought Antonio.

  23. HI Bridget! Thanks for hosting! I completely agree with your take on embracing happiness right now! Your post is full of joy and personal successes too. Smidgey is cute and has a wonderful life - knowing how to keep your butt off the cold hard reality of life is a gift! I hope you have a happy birthday (mine is the 23rd - a big one for me that I'll post about next week when I host) and embrace the joy! Carol from the Apples in My Orchard.

  24. Happy birthday, Bridget! Thanks for sharing your fun dance video! I agree about needing a happiness boost these days. My co-blogger, Esther Hershenhorn shared an uplifting post today too. It doesn't include poetry but it DOES include a book giveaway! https://www.teachingauthors.com/2023/10/meet-ethan-long-childrens-book-creative.html

  25. Happy birthday! I love the leaning into happy for sure. We certainly need it! Am happy Smidgey is feeling better. Our fur family is precious. And woohoo on time improvement.

  26. Hey Bridget, for some reason, I can’t find your email address in my contacts, but you won the giveaway at my blog! Send me a message, and I will get your copy of “Wonder House” sent out!

  27. Bridget, happy birthday and congratulations on running faster in your 5K! I like Smidgey's name; I'm happy she is feeling better. Your poem resonated with me because last December our 19 1/2 - year-old cat, Lovee passed away. She was a luv buv and she grew up with our girls. I miss her every day. Keep on dancing.


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