BEE-lieve in Your Value and Carrot is a Word poem 🥕

I carrot a lot about YOU, so please heed this advice...

And while you do that, know your value...








Carrot is a crunchy word,

a pointy, orange 

dagger word.

It's a word with inherent

face value for a


and has been known to

'root' out 

vision problems for a


Carrot is a word

that when combined 

with a stick

may get you

to do something.

For me,

carrot is a word

that takes (and makes!)

the cake.

©2024, Bridget Magee. All Rights Reserved.


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BEE Careful Where You Walk + Teenie Weenie Poem about Fire Ants 🔥🐜

 A cautionary tale...






#nailed it


And a tiny, fiery poem...

by a fire ant's kiss
my toe ignites

©2024, Bridget Magee. All Rights Reserved.

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BEE In Tune with Others + Teenie Weenie Poem about Mushrooms 🍄

Today's post is a teenie weenie reminder to tune in to those around you.

The smallest among us can accomplish big things and still be fungis!

Throw back to the 80's...

Or a more classical version...

mushrooms assemble
to orchestrate
a decomposition

©2024, Bridget Magee. All Rights Reserved.







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BEE Fulfilled (2 versions!) + Bandito Burrito Poem

Are you hungry?

Because I've got TWO FULFILLING videos for you today...

Which one do you prefer?

Let me know in the comments!


Menu Item #1: BEE Fulfilled (Beans of Light)


Menu Item #2: BEE Fulfilled (Fillings Inside)


Wondering where I found such an awesome burrito song and how the musicians came up with it? 

Check out this hilarious video by Good Mythical Morning:


Poetry in Motion: Bandito Burrito

I don a mask

to become incognito.

Then I surreptitiously

do something neato...

I take a bit of this.

Definitely some of that.

I scoop.

I toss.

I dollop.

I splat.

Then I flip,

and fold,

and hug,

and hold.


Chip, chip, hooray!

©2024, Bridget Magee. All Rights Reserved.


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BEE Yourself + Lemon is a Word poem

 Keepin' it fresh!








Poetry in Motion: Lemon is a Word

Lemon is an elliptical word.

On the surface it has bright sunshiny appeel

which suggests sweetness,

but really is the dimpled protection for the tart

and tasty juice hiding 


©2024, Bridget Magee. All Rights Reserved.

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Happy Poem in Your Pocket Day!

Happy (belated) Poem in Your Pocket Day! 

Lint Ball O'Fun has a poem for you...


A poem in my pocket

is trying to get out –

pushing against my seam,

it wants to shout.

“I’m here,

hear me rhyme,

free me from

this linty grime!”

I take out my poem

and share it with you.

Check your pocket,

Maybe you have one too!

©Bridget Magee. All Rights Reserved.

Happy Poem in Your Pocket Day!

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BEE (body) Positive + Mirror Speaks poem

I'm embarrassed to admit that even at 57 years old I still struggle with body positivity.

Intellectually I know better, but aging, menopause, and social isolation living abroad doesn't help.

But music does!

And avocados!

And seeing what the mirror sees...







My poem gives Mirror the chance to share what SHE sees... 

Human, human in front of me, I don’t understand what you see.


I show you tiny lines - imprints of your laughter and smiles.

You only see cracks needing to be filled with goop from the beauty aisles.


I show you a round belly - a soft landing for a child’s head.

You only see a chubby paunch filled with your guilt over bread.


I show you an ample booty that will cushion your fall.

You only see another “target area” to try to make small.


I show you your body as powerful and strong.

You only see your body as shameful and wrong.


Human, human, in front of me, why don’t you see what I see?

(draft!) ©2024, Bridget Magee. All Rights Reserved.


Speaking of case you missed last week's BEE a Believer video.

(scream warning: I imagine (dragons) that yeasty beasties feel pain!)

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